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About Us

The first of its kind on the AppStore

Easy setup

Type in a couple of passwords and that's it, your computer and your phone are ready to work together.

Always on

FingerKey works great while backgrounded, it means you can unlock your computer and login to websites from any screen.


No matter how many phones or computers you have, they can all work simultaneously.

Simple to use

FingerKey offers clean design and straightforward settings. No need to worry about complicated things.


Learn more about FingerKey


Your passwords protected.

Power efficient

Preserve your battery at all times.


Use even without an internet connection.


Stop writing down your passwords.


See what your passwords are.

Any computer

Wifi mode is compatible with all computers.


Easily backup and restore all of your passwords.


Available for most modern browsers.

Fill forms

Stop wasting time with boring forms.

And much more!


“A new app called FingerKey allows Mac users to unlock their computer using Apple’s Touch ID ”

- 9to5Mac

“Macs have yet to receive any TouchID love. That's where FingerKey steps in”

- Gizmodo

“Clever new iPhone app lets you unlock your Mac with Touch ID”

- Yahoo! Tech


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Where are my passwords stored?
Your passwords are encrypted and stored on your phone and never, absolutely never go to any servers unless you choose to backup your passwords. If you do enable automatic backups, your encrypted passwords will be backed up to your personal iCloud or Google Drive account (which only you have access to), depending on the mobile operating system you're using.
How are my passwords sent to my computer?
FingerKey allows you to choose between Bluetooth and Wi-fi connection modes. Either way, your phone and your computer talk to one another directly, which means there are no servers in between them. All messages exchanged between your devices are encrypted using AES 256-bit, so your're always safe, even in public networks.
Are my phone and my computer compatible?
FingerKey is currently compatible with iOS devices running iOS 9 or later and Mac computers running OSX 10.10 or later. In order to use Bluetooth mode, both your phone and your computer have to be Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) enabled, see compatibility list. Wifi mode is compatible with all models.
Why is it slower on Wi-fi mode sometimes?
Unfortunately, iOS puts apps to sleep after they have been backgrounded for 3 minutes, unless the app is currently using certain features, such as Bluetooth. When that happens, you will notice that FingerKey will display a disconnection notification on your computer. In order to make FingerKey continue working even after it goes to sleep and disconnects, it starts using Push technology, which may be slight slower, but just as effective.


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